The program is designed for beginner to advanced artists who are interested in significantly shifting and improving their art. This program will guide you into a better understanding of your own unique creative expression. Over the 12 weeks, we will be taking a deep dive into all the 6 Art2Life Principles – Design, Value, Color, Texture, Risk and Soul.

Gaining a thorough understanding of the nuances and interconnectedness of these fundamental principles will allow you to have tremendous creative freedom in any kind of art-making you desire to pursue. Whether you paint realistically or abstractly, draw, paint, collage or any combination of the three, this intensive program will give you all the tools you need. The program is principle-based and its primary purpose is to clarify and strengthen your own authentic creative expression.

The program and the Art2life team of coaches provides you with an amazing community of supportive artists, concise ways to create a more sustainable,  joyful art practice and most importantly, the fundamental art-making principles to finally bring your Art to life.

This preliminary free, online workshop will not only give you essential information that will strengthen your art but also give you a preview into the kind of powerful content that has made The Creative Visionary Path Program one of the most thorough, art changing programs available.


“This is one of the best things I have done in my life, taking this course. It has been life-changing, really, and I want to thank you Nick, and your team again, for a fantastic program that was worth every penny.”

“I almost didn’t do this course, and I’m so glad I did. It is beyond words how significant what you are doing for so many artists. Teaching people how to be an artist. That is something you don’t learn in school. Not like this. So much practical advice, also. Nicholas, you are a unique person, with a great vision. Thank you!”

“I am so grateful! All I can think about is this material! I feel so stimulated and am thrilled to have all this information and the ability to continue to access it. I can watch the same video twice even in one week and see or hear something new! Also I LOVE that the instruction involves so many demonstrations of your painting–very, very rich. And, it’s not just the tons of information we’re getting. The spirit in which it’s conveyed is so kind and generous and encouraging. Thank you, everyone!”

“Pre-Art2Life my work had become so tight and unsatisfactory that I was considering closing my studio… Working alone has its advantages and disadvantages, and having little or no feedback than from customers and galleries, had done nothing for my practice. I can’t believe that I was considering not signing up because of the the cost… it is worth every penny! So, it’s easy to say Thank You, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart… this workshop is wonderful, life-giving, exhilarating… your teaching is generous, skilled and inspiring and I am delighted to have been part of it.”

I am really excited and motivated today! I have been learning so much in the past 8 weeks, but wondering if anything was actually sinking in. Painting hasn’t felt natural or easy or fun, which had been pretty discouraging. Then, this morning the painting happened and the entire process felt so different! While it is just a beginning, I a thrilled with the results. It feels like me, like a little bit of who I am actually made it into the painting. I almost cried. I am so thankful to be a part of this group and for those who keep sharing their experiences and work because it gave me hope to keep trying.”

“All the monumental time and effort you and your team have put into this course is not something to be taken lightly.  One can only hope that your peers, like-minded artists and art institutions acknowledge your work, and this unique of method of teaching students, on-line. I trust the art world will give you a sincere nod, especially to the core meaning of ART2LIFE.  I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.”

“Grateful and humbled to be amongst artists such as yourself and others who have devoted their lives to art and who the have the ability to make a living from it. That is a dream to me. When asked what do I really want to do in life, the ‘who are you’ question, my inner voice has encouraged me to paint. As you can see from my panels, I am one of the newbies and before this course, wasn’t able to go to the canvas and paint without having a picture to look at. This is not the case anymore! Thank you for this freedom.”

“Today I feel as though my voice is emerging. I’m beginning to see and feel what brings me joy as I create. I’m abundantly grateful for this course.”

“This Art2Life course is truly transformative. You, your team, the material, the attention to detail and the amazing positive energy that is put out every week is phenomenal. And the community it has built over the past eleven weeks is extraordinary, too. Not to mention the art everyone is producing! Words can not express my gratitude.”

“Thank you! I am feeling really great with where I am. This is what I was hoping would happen with the course… that I could really take my work to the next level. I have been studying everything and have learned so much and I feel a definite shift. Very excited to keep going and see where all of this leads. I appreciate all the help, information and insights so much. I feel just watching the video adjustments is golden!”

“Submitted two of my CVP panels into a highly competitive juried show and both got in! Apparently I was one of only two people that got two pieces accepted. Feeling like I owe thanks to the Art2Life Team and tribe for this outcome!”

“I am totally loving every aspect of this course. It is a deep experience on many levels. I could watch and listen to you forever, Nick, which is unusual for me. I’m used to having to almost tie myself to a chair to watch on online art video all the way through. Now I can’t get enough! Obviously, what you are teaching resonates so truly with me. Again, I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing group!”

“I find [this course] thrilling and at times, overwhelming, but I love it and all that is being shared. Someone said ‘4 years of art school rolled into 12 weeks’, or something like that. I concur. I’m getting more than I got in art school and am forever grateful. I find it helps to go back and look at the videos again and again. There is so much wonderful and insightful information contained here. Nicholas is so generous and articulate. I am grateful for him and all my co-artists.”

“Assessing one’s work in a general way may be an obvious step, but this video alone was worth the price of the course for me. Even if I already knew some of this intuitively, I never took the time to actually articulate my thoughts, likes and dislikes about a group of panels. I can totally see how this is going to be extremely helpful in my choices about what to do, what to keep, what to change, etc. To go more towards what I really like. Thank you, Nick.”

“I have spent many days having FUN painting with FAITH instead of FEAR. I have learned so much, from Nicholas and his team and our tribe and the lessons are affecting my entire life experience. I am more clear-sighted, focused, decisive, assertive, confident, enthusiastic and resilient across the board. For me, this really is Art to Life. Thank you, Nick, thank you fellow artists!”