Bloom - Art2Life

The Perennial Practice of Becoming Yourself

Bloom uses art to improve your wellbeing, self-discovery, and mindfulness - helping you become your true self.

1 Feel

What do you feel?
All feelings welcome.
Is there a message for you?
Can this message shine a light on what you desire?

2 Open

What do you want in this moment?
Open your heart, mind, and body to what is possible.
Allow this energy to fill you.
Turn it up even more.

3 Play

Let this flow through you and start playing.
With curiosity and wonder, do what delights.
No rules. No plans.

4 Create

Get in motion.
Express yourself in whatever way feels good.
Look for what you love. This is a reflection of you.
Let differences amplify.

5 Curate

Celebrate what you learned.
Note in your Art2Life pages your big ah-ha's.
Make one move to be even more you in your art and life.


The Bloom Practice is a fundamental teaching of Art2Life.
It’s a practice of changing your energy, art and life with a recommended dose of 15 minutes a day.
This practice is better done with others.

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