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“What is missing in most people’s lives – what people are CRAVING – is really quite simple. They want to feel alive. The reason you’re reading this (thank you for still reading!) is because the people who are most fixated on making art need to FEEL alive. We are the people who have a heightened sensitivity, who walk around the planet feeling things a little more deeply than others.

I know you know this about yourself. Sometimes we forget that most people are not like us. If you can understand that the rest of the world is relying upon you to be given the opportunity to feel ALIVE, then you will realize that blossoming into your creativity is not an indulgence; it’s a gift to the world.

This feeling of aliveness that we as artists emanate is inherent in all things that are different, surprising and artistically authentic. If you can even slightly grasp the importance of this realization then you are on your way to understanding the essential importance of clarifying and strengthening YOUR personal uniqueness. The more you and your art are like you, (and not like anybody else or anybody else’s work), the more your work will resonate and be desired. The simple most important ingredient in this whole art business begins with YOU!  And I am here to help you bring your unique brilliance into your work and into your business.

If you can take the time to INVEST in the exploration of yourself and clarify your creative vision, then your work will become truly authentic. The gratification of this achievement is momentous in its significance. Not just will you enjoy the enormous, life-changing feelings of gratitude and satisfaction that one experiences from such an accomplishment; but you will also relish the inevitable fact that people will have more desire for your work. They will want it because it is totally unlike them; it instills in them a sense of wonder; and oddly, it gives them a small feeling of satisfaction that, in recognizing your value, they are also part of your artistic journey.

The world is living through your efforts. The universe wants you to succeed. This possibility is available for everyone, but few will grab the ring on the carousel and go for it. The more you are able to differentiate yourself, to become truly who you are – to answer the call that has been quietly inside you all these years – the more opportunities and possibilities for your work will open up. It is as simple as that. IF you trust, IF you believe – you can. I am absolutely positive that this is true, and it is my greatest joy to be able to help usher you into this reality.”

– Nicholas Wilton



“This hardly scratches the surface of my heartfelt appreciation for all I have learned from you. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…you’ve changed my life. I was fertile soil for the seeds you planted and they are growing very strong! Seriously, the changes in my mindset are affecting every area of my life in the most positive way. And your advice and referral helped me land Costello Childs and possibly another east coast gallery. So… thank you. I promise to pay forward all the good stuff.”

– Susan Melrath, 2014 Creative Visionary Mentorship Alumni

“Thank you so much for your kind words and wisdom, not just now but throughout the entire time I have known you and been lucky enough to be mentored by you. I agree with you that perhaps during a crisis situation, we can either look at it as a devastating event, or perhaps in a positive way. In my case, I have not lost any sleep on what we have lost. In spite of losing our two wonderful cats ( I believe they are still with us) and our entire home and property (we lost 99% of our 23 acres of forest land), most “things” are just things and the trees will eventually grow back. Instead, it has been an opportunity to simplify life, value what really matters, and do what is most important in the fleeting amount of time we have on this earth. With clutter comes claustrophobia, with simplicity comes clarity. I am endless grateful I mentored with you; I look at my catalog and have realized your instruction is there – always with me from this point onward.”

-Pamela Caughey, 2015 Creative Visionary Mentorship Alumni