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Are you growing into your art?

I started a garden recently in a large barren area. The tiny plants looked pathetic in this stretch of drab dirt, but they grew, and new things started to happen….

flock of seagulls flying over beach

Food for the Soul

I was dashing to meet a friend for dinner recently and threw on some clothes I don’t usually wear. My friend was taken aback. “These clothes aren’t you!” she said. It’s funny how others get used to seeing us a certain way and it’s also confining—as if we have to…

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2 tips to make better art

Every part of our art practice relies on us. Getting ourselves to the studio, having the materials, staying motivated, getting our work out there— it can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to the business side of things. So, I want to share two practical tips to help you to…

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lady in white hat with black trimming looking at painting with white background

Finding Your Style

Something came up on a backpacking trip I took with friends. The lesson I learned perfectly relates to art-making. Here is what happened. It is always hard to know exactly how our future art will turn out. But the past can provide clues on how to move it forward. We’re…

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