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Embracing change in your art practice

It’s Ferris here to talk about a current topic in my work: the idea of change. I want to paint larger and faster, which has been bringing up the need…

Art2Life Merry Christmas

A special Holiday message from Art2Life!

For this week’s vlog, we wanted to share something special with you – a little peek into our team, that is more like family, here at Art2Life. Watch it here… We are filled with so much gratitude that we get to do this together and that you are here with…

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My Holiday Tradition You’ll Love Doing

Nicholas, Happy Holidays! I’m excited to share a fun thing I love to do that’s become my holiday tradition. It came out of never finding wrapping paper I liked. Now I paint it myself! It’s super easy and relaxing as long as you’re not in a hurry and plan ahead….

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Ferris of Art2Life wearing a purple shirt while painting

Do you need a breakthrough?

It’s Ferris from the Art2Life Team here, for this week’s vlog. I wanted to share some thoughts on breakthroughs in your art. I moved recently and haven’t had much time to paint, however, the move has allowed me to reflect on my art this past year. Specifically, I’ve been thinking…

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