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Not getting anywhere with your painting? Try this.

I wanted to talk about transitions—where one thing ends and something else begins, like where the ocean meets the beach. There’s energy in transitions because that’s where the contrast is….

Falling Backwards

#8157 #8165 Heard the poet Billy Collins last night. Wonderful…he left me with the feeling that having no plan or direction might just be viable. He described the importance of writing about nothing in particular- a found chess piece, a bit of string or maybe a hippo. Stumbling along, bumping…

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Barn Roof

“Spring Rain” 48″ x 96″ #8296 I spent the first part of the week painting another painting from this one pictured here–This is a diptych-2- 48″ x 48″ panels that hang together. Another “Weave Painting”. In a way it has been easy but it has also allowed me to see…

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West Marin

“Madrone” 70″ x 90″ #8269 I drive by these water tanks all the time out here in West Marin. I finally took some pictures and it’s amazing how similar they are to some of the recent “Weave” paintings I have been making. Nature has corroded and weathered these surfaces in…

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