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Painting with a Purpose

Although my work is more intuitive and personal, I’m always attracted to artists who clearly communicate a strong, meaningful message. Stephen Mangum is one such artist. He grew up in…

make your art amazing

You need both of these to make your art amazing

I am super excited that our annual SPARK Program starts this coming week! It is a 21-day program designed to start or re-energize your art-making. In the program, everyone makes their own SparkBook, so today, I thought I would share mine with you, along with a very cool idea about…

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favorite way to start a painting

My favorite way to start a painting!

Here is a quick way to get paint down on paper, or even canvas. I love starting this way when I don’t have much time and want something to be bold and full of juice. It has everything to do with the way you apply the paint. Let me show…

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question that leads to your best art

The one question that leads to your best art

I used to worry so much about my art. Will it ever be good enough? Will I ever develop my unique style? Will I ever be able to get it out into the world? It turns out I am not alone. I frequently hear these concerns from other artists, too….

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