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Is your Art true for you?

When looking back at old work, I’m always surprised at how I can remember what I was thinking about when making the art. My thoughts ranged from the gallery I…

5 colourful spools of thread

The Thread in Your Work

Posting our art on social media, seeking gallery representation, pricing, and even our own limiting beliefs, can all clutter our art lives. Yet, given all of this complicated stuff, we can often overlook the one cool thing about art-making. Here’s what I mean. There has always been a throughline for…

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man in green shirt lying on field with dandelion

Letting Go to Find Your Way

Do you ever give up trying to resolve a painting? First, it can seem like nothing will work. Then, finally, you get to the point that you want to give up. I experience this all the time. What’s surprising is what can happen next. At the point of giving up…

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greens along a wide road

Being Our Best Selves

Recently I planned a getaway to a beautiful retreat spot. It’s always great to do but I was surprised to find that after a day of downtime, I just wanted to paint and so I left. Getting back to the studio felt so good. It quenched something in me and…

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