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Watch how I create cool effects with crayons!

Happy Sunday! I’m working in my sketchbook with crayons and thought I’d share the cool effects I’m getting. I start by making a simple pattern. Check this out… What I…

Ritter Center House Roof Detail

Here is a detail view of part of the roof… The words and some of the shapes are carved into the plaster and wood. The paint is all oil and is applied with paper towels, brushes and transfers. I use sandpaper and different kinds of abrasive materials to remove paint,…

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Rooftop Man

After I got the figure more defined I ran into a little problem with the hand held disc sander I started with..I couldn’t define any details and it wasn’t allowing me to carve as carefully as I needed. I called up Joe Brubaker Joe Brubaker – Sculpture a sculptor who…

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Finished Ritter Center House

It took longer than I thought it would which of course it always does

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