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Not getting anywhere with your painting? Try this.

I wanted to talk about transitions—where one thing ends and something else begins, like where the ocean meets the beach. There’s energy in transitions because that’s where the contrast is….

Studio Work

I have been working on several large paintings. They are on canvas which is usually not what I work on, but when the wood panels get so big they get very heavy. I also have been propping the paintings on two 10 gallon buckets and leaning them against the wall…

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Often parts of a larger painting can help me see what I might want to focus on in my next painting. Here the looseness and variety of textures and shapes coupled with the subtle grid lines practically could be an entire painting. Less is almost always more. Especially in painting. 

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Artplane Workshop at Esalen

Just returned from another Artplane Workshop. I don’t think Jennie and I have ever worked with a group of people who managed to paint so much in 5 days. Every night there was a group who stayed up till 2 am working in the “Art Barn” Painting is usually so…

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