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Not getting anywhere with your painting? Try this.

I wanted to talk about transitions—where one thing ends and something else begins, like where the ocean meets the beach. There’s energy in transitions because that’s where the contrast is….

New Panels

#8302, #8303, and #8304 #8305 #8283 Today about 15 new panels arrived. So I started in on some new ones a set of 3 24″ x 24″ and a 36″ x 40″. The green striped one, 8305 is quite hideous at this point but I just wanted to get something…

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#8157 Kept going on 8157. Almost everything gets re painted over and then by the time I come around to paint it again it is done in a different way. The ghosting of under painting is very interesting when it is contrasted with a thickly painted shape nearby or on…

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Saturday Afternoon

#8157 #8283 Today I kept working on #8157 and #8283-both of which have changed into very different paintings than the way they started. One thing that I find difficult is putting marks on a painting when I know that they are not right. But the very act of being careful…

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