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Not getting anywhere with your painting? Try this.

I wanted to talk about transitions—where one thing ends and something else begins, like where the ocean meets the beach. There’s energy in transitions because that’s where the contrast is….

goopy painting

#8301 Overslept and got into the studio late. Started on the 84″ x 72″ #8301, as my brushes were all still messy as I forgot to clean them yesterday. The painting is so large that it is hard to passively paint. Liking it better where it ended up today. The…

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over painting

#8157 “Sand Shapes” # 8157, 60 x 48, was painted several years  ago. I liked it at the time but it sat in Galleries in San Francisco and Santa Fe and now it is back in my studio again. I flipped it on it’s side and decided to paint over…

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Minimal Color

#8300 #8165 and #8283 This morning I started a new painting- #8300, 70″ x 63″. It went incredibly fast or at least to a point that I began to start liking it….often I struggle much more to get this far. Trying not to think about if it is good or…

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