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The Canvases Are Off!

My show opens this week and we’re at the final step — getting the work to the gallery! All the canvases are now removed from the support panels they’ve been…

The Art Plane

Sometimes the very thought of making or writing something can become the barrier. When it becomes like this I just start. Like now. I have no clue what to write, just the growing frustration that I am not. Why this plays out time and time again for me (and I…

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Shades of Gray

I have been intermittently working on this painting for about a week….not crazy about this yet. Although when I look at the post from before this seems way better. I usually don’t have an opportunity to look backwards. =”center”a>

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Just Shapes

Arranging and re arranging shapes in  a square could take up days and days of my time. I try and look at it and see if it can get it any more poignant or more noticeable. How can this be more perfect, more thoughtful, more memorable?–Does this feel how I…

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