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The Canvases Are Off!

My show opens this week and we’re at the final step — getting the work to the gallery! All the canvases are now removed from the support panels they’ve been…


I drastically changed the paintings today. It was beginning to feel tiring-when I feel as though no part of the painting can’t be worked on then the whole painting begins to look more cohesive. All parts are considered. Took me all week to really let go and risk. 

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#8300 #8157 #8283 Introduced these roundish shapes on #8300. Not sure I like it. Worked awhile on this and it might have gotten worse. Can’t really see it clearly yet. Moved on to the “Sand Shapes”-#8157 re do and #8283, the 36″ square-tried to paint as loose and as bold…

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#8300 Went back to #8300 from last Wednesday. This time I started by drawing lines on top of the existing composition. Starting a secondary conversation–quiet but seems to take the eye around in contrast to the extreme vertical composition of the shapes. Soft Curves add some relief. Such a little…

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