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Stuck in the messy middle of your painting?

When you’re working on a picture, you can get to a point when you find some exciting areas, but it’s not quite working as a whole. Next moves can take…

Ferris of Art2Life wearing a purple shirt while painting

Do you need a breakthrough?

It’s Ferris from the Art2Life Team here, for this week’s vlog. I wanted to share some thoughts on breakthroughs in your art. I moved recently and haven’t had much time to paint, however, the move has allowed me to reflect on my art this past year. Specifically, I’ve been thinking…

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Nicholas Wilton and Guy Diehl talking about art tools

Check out these new tools to use in your art!

I’m here with my friend Guy Diehl, a Bay Area still life realist painter. Guy has cool tools he invented for his art practice that we want to share with you. Check these out, as they could be helpful for you too! Take a look… What tools have you invented…

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red and orange doors with design

Use photography to inspire your art practice!

When the birds are chirping and the day breaks, this is when I love to explore. Hi there – Terri Froelich here, with Art2Life. I am taking over the vlog this week and I wanted to share a process of mine that many of you ask about. It’s about observation,…

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