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Painting with a Purpose

Although my work is more intuitive and personal, I’m always attracted to artists who clearly communicate a strong, meaningful message. Stephen Mangum is one such artist. He grew up in…

busy or simple

Do you like busy or simple art?

Do you like busy or simple art? There is, of course, beauty in both. I love the complexity of a Persian carpet, but I also am drawn to the sublime, minimal paintings of Mark Rothko. In the end, you want to do the kind of work that brings you alive….

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a bigger studio

Stepping into a bigger studio…

Years ago, I remember moving into a much bigger studio. So big, in fact, I planned on sharing because it was more than I needed and felt too big. However, while getting the space ready, I realized I loved the spaciousness and decided to keep it for myself. That bigger…

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Creating Amazing Texture with Paint

I sometimes add materials to my paintings, like paper, to create texture. Today I want to share with you a way you can create amazing texture with just paint. You make this texture with gesso before you start your actual painting. It creates effects that stay with your painting so…

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