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Check out these new tools to use in your art!

I’m here with my friend Guy Diehl, a Bay Area still life realist painter. Guy has cool tools he invented for his art practice that we want to share with…

squeezing out orange paint

Not Just Any Orange

I’ve been thinking about the colors I use and noticed I tend to work with colors on either side of the standard colors. For instance, I never use a straight orange. Instead, I’ll start with it and add yellow or yellow ochre to make it dirtier and less saturated. Or…

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cool shapes

Quick, Cool Shapes!

Here’s a cool way to add shapes and lines to your work easily. I use thick poster board to cut out templates of various shapes such as circles and teardrops. I can then try these shapes on a painting easily by either drawing around them, or scraping lines along the…

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Get More From Your Paint Tubes

Here’s a cool tool that saves a ton of paint! Artist Kerry Schroeder, who is on the Art2Life Team, told me about it and it’s so good! Let me show you… I used to throw away so much paint but now, with this gadget, I squeeze out my money’s worth…

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