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How to Move Towards Authenticity – Rick Scott – Ep 80

May 3, 2023


We make our best art when we are most like ourselves. But the journey to find ourselves is not always as straightforward as it seems. Today I’m joined by my friend and amazing therapist, Rick Scott. His counseling practice has helped countless couples, corporate executives, and individuals be their best selves. On this episode, we’re talking all about authenticity and how that flows into the artist’s journey. We’ll unpack what it looks like to be authentic and vulnerable, the origins of inauthenticity and disconnection, and how to take steps toward being the artist and person you really are.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Unpacking authenticity and vulnerability [1:45]
  • Overcoming self-consciousness and embracing awareness [19:25]
  • The urgency of authenticity and understanding discernment [36:26]
  • Disconnecting to reconnect [42:08]
  • Three steps to move toward authenticity [51:20]

Authenticity is the point

Authenticity isn’t just the fuel for creativity, it is the expression of it. When I started making art, I was challenged by a lot of limiting beliefs. It was a struggle to feel confident because, in its essence, art-making requires you to do things you’re not good at or make things you’ve never made before. It’s a constant growth process. This is why inauthenticity is such a roadblock on the artistic journey. It causes you to constantly compare yourself and be something you’re not to fit into someone else’s mold. Being an artist means embarking on a never-ending journey of self-exploration and discovery. The more we know ourselves, the better our work gets. If you’re trying to be anyone else but YOU, you’re missing the point.

Everything is one

The journey to find our authentic self is not for the faint of heart. One does not simply walk into their deepest wounds and traumas and make them go away in an afternoon. But the reality is we all have programming from our families of origin. As Rick put it, we get a download from them that either propels us toward or pushes us away from our most authentic selves. Many people end up compromising who they are to earn the love of their family, but they lose themselves in the process. 

The further we get pushed away from authenticity, the larger our perception of separateness from our experience gets. And the more mentally separated we become, the more we suffer. Quantum Mechanics shows us that we’re all connected. Rick believes that connection is truth, and the perception of separateness is the problem. We start our journey towards authenticity with the understanding that everything is ONE.

Let your guard down

Vulnerability is a clear path toward authenticity, but it’s one of the scariest. Who actually wants to feel vulnerable? Sure, putting yourself out there sounds romantic, but it’s mostly terrifying. Especially if the download you’ve been handed tells you that vulnerability is life-threatening. Rick points out that most people have a genuine lack of threats in their life. Yet, SO many people stay guarded because all they see is danger. This is a clear sign of disconnection from yourself. You don’t feel like you’re enough, so you walk around with 12-inch thick armor. Nothing can get in to hurt you, but nothing can get out either. Being invulnerable means intentionally blocking authenticity and creative flow. Listen to this episode for more on moving toward your most authentic self!

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