Learn to make the art you’ve always dreamed of

The Art2Life method is a totally new approach to discovering your inner artist—for beginners, experienced creatives and everyone in between.

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Creative Visionary Program

CVP is an intensive, 12-week artist program for rediscovering what brings you alive in your art and life, learning the essential Art2Life Principles, and creating a sustainable art-making process that is efficient, enjoyable, and results in your best, most authentic art.

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The Art2Life Color Tips Guide

Learn to bring your art alive and create amazing color in your work.

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The Art2Life Color Tips Guide
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A 21-day online creative field trip for art-makers

for any level who want to ignite their creativity and bring more of what they love to their art and their life.


New Artists - Experienced Artists - The Creatively Curious - Simple Supplies - Works With Any Medium - Fits into Your Busy Life

The Art2Life Sunday Vlog

Weekly creative dispatches from our California studio to help you make more powerful, personal art (and have more fun creating than ever before).


Art2Life isn’t just a ground-breaking method

It’s a worldwide movement, a community, and a completely new approach to not just creating art, but creating your life.

It’s not about talent or being born with the right creative gifts. If you have the desire, we’re here to help you make amazing art that feels exciting, meaningful, and just like you.