This is an invitation...

to co-create a newer, brighter approach to not only your art… but also your life.

Art2Life is a place for people who are ready to make their art come alive and become more...


To dive right in, get curious, experiment, push the edges, find joy in the mess, and no matter what -- keep going.


Because nobody will ever be able to make art like yours. There is, and always will be, space for your style, your voice, and your one-in-8-billion point of view. So let’s find it.


Which, of course, means something different to everyone: to make art more often, make it stronger, show it more, sell it more, or to finally look back at your finished work and say, “Yes. This feels more like me.  And I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

All of this, guided by a simple truth that has the potential to change everything:

Creating incredible art has nothing to do with natural talent or innate gifts.

But it has everything to do with optimizing your life...

to chase and seek out those moments
where you’re living in full, vivid technicolor…

Because when you come alive, your art does too.

artist at work

When you combine this with the information you need to fill in the gaps, get unstuck, and start showing up for yourself and your art in big, exciting ways…

Well, your art simply can’t help but become more potent…

More arresting…

And more like you.

You might even discover that, all of a sudden, you have fallen back in love with your life, too.

(Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

If all of this is possible… why do so few achieve it?

After all, the starving artist trope exists for a reason.

Many artists spend their days in solitude, working in a tiny studio all by themselves.

And there is a very small group of people who don’t make much art themselves, but are the gatekeepers for deciding which art is “good enough.”

To make things even more difficult, most artists have at least one important person in their life who has doubted or even opposed their decision to become one.

Everybody loves art, yet so few seem able to make it… and even less succeed.

This is because the very act of making strong work necessitates feeling vulnerable and insecure. Many give up or get discouraged, without any idea how to solve their creative challenges.

Art school doesn’t quite teach the whole picture. There is a difference between knowing about techniques and theories, and understanding how to bring them to life in your art, in your own unique way.

And sometimes the loudest critic of all is the one inside your head. It is difficult to imagine what you are capable of making in the future — and the path toward creating something extraordinary is never clear.

If these challenges feel painfully familiar, I have some good news for you:

We have an opportunity.

There is a path ahead.

It is one informed by my personal experience, endless hours in the studio, and countless conversations with other creatives who share the same struggles.

We’ll give you the outline and help you fill in the gaps…

But the specific look and feel of your creative path is unique (and that’s what makes it so exciting).

This pathway back to your art is yours for the taking. It’s always been there.

And it belongs to nobody else but you.

Amazing art-making is available to you, no matter where you are now.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone.

Here are some places we can begin together:

My name is Nicholas Wilton, and I am the Founder of Art2Life.

With over 20 years experience as a working artist and educator, I’ve developed a systematic approach that brings authenticity, spontaneity and joy back into the creative process.

Today, my paintings are seen in yearly gallery exhibitions, International Art Fairs, and are included in numerous private and corporate collections in both the United States and Europe.

My paintings have also been used on the covers of the national bestseller “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and Brene Brown’s “The Gift of Imperfection”, and recently, the US Postal Service issued a stamp featuring my artwork.

But my journey as an artist hasn’t always been easy… and I’ve made many mistakes along the way.

Through all the bumps and detours, art has been the one constant in my life.

My art was available to me when I left school and entered the real world as a successful but unfulfilled commercial illustrator.

I dreamed of making the personal art that I knew was inside of me. But lacking confidence and fearing my art would not be valued by the outside world, I silenced my true, inner voice.

black and white photo of Nick painting

My art was still available to me when I postponed what I truly wanted to do and started a business that sold products designed with my artwork like trays, boxes and tote bags. I’ve stood in Bed, Bath & Beyond and seen my fine art reproductions selling for $1.99—all so I could buy myself the freedom to make the art I really wanted to make.

And when I lost everything, I would discover that my art was not only still available to me... but it was the only thing I had left. My business dissolved over a partnership dispute that cost me years of work and countless dollars. On top of that, I lost my entire life savings—and my plan for pursuing my personal art, risk-free—in a Madoff-type investment scandal in 2008.

black and white photo of Nick painting

I didn’t know what to do. With all of my other options exhausted, I returned to my art.

But this time, I was going back to find out who I was, and whether I could finally, truly show up as myself. And so I finally surrendered to my art, in the hope it would somehow bring me back to the surface.

And so it did.

Looking back, I now see that my massive misfortune was the catalyst that forced me to finally take the courageous steps necessary to make the most personal, meaningful work I’ve ever made.

I have spent years teaching and informing others about this possibility in their own art practices. Over time, this practice has since grown in scope and depth, so much so that I decided to name it:

i call it art2life.

Art2Life is bigger than just you or me...

At its heart, Art2Life is a movement, a community, and a completely new approach to not just creating art, but creating your life.

We are a groundswell of artists and curious creatives around the world who have chosen to say yes to their art.

We openly share what we know and what has worked for us, in the hope it will help you get there faster.

We are constantly learning, laughing, questioning and exploring our own creative paths. And we are doing it together.

So whether you’ve wandered away from your creativity over the years, were never truly able to explore it, or simply feel stuck with your art right now...

Consider this your official invitation to re-imagine what’s possible for yourself, your life, and your art.

The art you dream of making is possible.
And with the right support...
it is inevitable.

Your creative path is waiting. When you’re ready, take the first step:

Jennifer Pierce
“For the first time in my life I feel like I am making art from a place inside myself.

And I am gaining the courage and confidence to just keep painting and see what happens.”

- Jennifer Daily, Artist