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Art2Life offers many onramps to discovering and igniting your art. Regardless of where you live or your art-making experience, our online programs will get you in motion easier and faster!

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CVP is an intensive, 12-week artist program for rediscovering what brings you alive in your art and life, learning the essential Art2Life Principles, and creating a sustainable art-making process that is efficient, enjoyable, and results in your best, most authentic art.

Enrollment begins: February 18, 2022
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A 21-day online creative field trip for art-makers for any level who want to ignite their creativity and bring more of what they love to their art and their life.


New Artists - Experienced Artists - The Creatively Curious - Simple Supplies - Works With Any Medium - Fits into Your Busy Life

Enrollment opens September 2022
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The Art2Life Academy is a community of experienced artists who are committed to advancing their art, process and careers to a high level. Enrollment happens once or twice a year and is only available to those who have completed an Art2Life Destination Workshop or the 12 week, Creative Visionary Program.

Artwork (L-R): Zue Stevenson - detail, Sarah Macak - detail, Deanna Schuerbeke - detail