The 2023 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition


Art2Life is proud to present our fifth International Juried Art Exhibition. Our juror, Anita Rogers selected 54 pieces of art out of nearly 1,800 entries. She also selected the first, second, third place winners and three honorable mention award winners. We hope you will take the time to read Anita’s Juror Statement about the work she selected. All work with a price listed is for sale directly from the artist and the artist retains 100% of the sale proceeds. If you see a piece you are interested in, please click on the image and you will find the artist’s contact information, price of the piece, and their website or social media account(s). Last year, six pieces of art were sold through our exhibition. We thank you for visiting our exhibition! Enjoy!

To watch the recording of the 2023 Art Exhibition Opening Reception, please CLICK HERE.

Juror - Anita Rogers

Anita Rogers is the gallery owner and director of Anita Rogers Gallery in New York City. Rogers, born in the UK, was raised in Greece, Turkey and Italy and there she was exposed to art and music at a young age by her father, artist and musician Jack Martin Rogers. Anita later trained as a classical harpist and opera singer. She holds a degree in Ethnomusicology fromThe School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). In 2016, Anita opened Anita Rogers Gallery; since then, the gallery has exhibited contemporary and secondary-market artists including George Negroponte, Rachel Nicholson, Robert Szot, Jack Martin Rogers, David Hockney, Ben Nicholson, William Scott, and Mark Rothko.

Anita Rogers Gallery

About the Exhibition

One of the most challenging areas of the gallery is finding artists – we are always looking for timeless artists who not only have talent and training but who are making innovative and thoughtful work. I was very much looking forward to jurying as it is such a special opportunity to see so much new work from so many artists at once. I was happy to see a nice mix of figurative and abstract works in the entries.  

My first and second place winners are both striking figurative artists who seem to have strong formal roots but are making fresh work. In the work of my third-place winner, a mixed abstract artist, I was struck by the artist’s sense of balance, color, and material choices.  

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit to this year’s exhibition. I am the daughter of an artist and I hold such deep respect for artists and the dedication they give to their work. I encourage all artists to keep working, to keep experimenting, and to keep putting their work out there.  It’s essential.”

– Anita Rogers



1st Place – Debbie Mueller

2nd Place – Lianne Yael Jedeikin

3rd Place – Jeff Horton

Honorable Mention 1 – Belinda Lima

Honorable Mention 2 – Cynthia Pellerin

Honorable Mention 3 – Tani Conrad

1st Place Winner

Debbie Mueller
"Chasing Shadows"
48" x 36" - Oil on canvas
My mother gave birth to me twice. In 1960 she gave birth to a baby, and in 2016, she gave birth to an artist. I lived my first 56 years believing I had no artistic ability. In 2016, while visiting my parents, a rainy day left us searching for an activity. My mother, a lifelong hobby painter, suggested painting, and I reluctantly agreed. My first painting was far from a masterpiece, but I immediately appreciated the meditative and focused experience. Upon my return home, I bought some paints of my own. Thanks to the generosity of my teachers and harnessing the same drive that I used to get through Medical School and my training and career as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, I have created the most extraordinary life as a painter. I have enjoyed the warm camaraderie of the wonderful community of artists I have met., and I have been given the gift of seeing our beautiful world through the eyes of an artist. From the start, I found myself drawn strongly to paintings that convey a strong sense of light and shadow. My work has explored this, both in the landscape, and increasingly in still life. I continue to work as a physician, though in the last couple of years part time, which allows me more time to paint. No one is more surprised than I am at the course my life has taken, and I give thanks every day for the rainy day that led to me to this most treasured discovery.

2nd Place Winner

Lianne Jedeikin Goldsmith
48" x 72" - Oil and pastel on wood
My current series, “Goddesses and Gargoyles” gives tribute to feminine strength and vitality. I choose to paint on a variety of surfaces including canvas, vintage wallpaper and recycled wood crates as I delve into the work that depicts focusing deeply into the truth that allows me to capture the fierce protective gargoyle and the sensual goddess within.

3rd Place Winner

Jeff Horton
15.75" x 12.25" - Oil and mixed media on sewn canvas
I create architectural abstract paintings and sculptures. My work often is defined by lines, a result of architecture’s influence. The lines create a framework in my paintings and sculptures that inform all my other moves. I constantly explore new materials and methods to create and expand the perspective. Paint drips, oil sticks, sewn canvas and cold wax medium are spontaneously incorporated, liberating the structures in the paintings to become more abstract. I prefer using angle lines to create spatial perspectives. For me, these sometimes chaotic perspectives create a sense of disorder which allows the viewer to become an active participant in my work.

Honorable Mention 1

Belinda Lima
"City By The Bay"
48" x 36" - Acrylic and collage
I am a mixed media abstract artist living and residing in the Bay Area, California. I am fascinated by and especially drawn to abstract art, figurative art and the architecture, structures and skyline of San Francisco. I work primarily with acrylic paints and collage papers. My goal is to capture the essence of a city or a figure and convey a feeling about my subject using minimalism and abstraction. I love texture and color and am especially drawn to muted tones with just a hint of saturated colors. My work can be viewed at my San Jose studio at The Alameda Artworks, San Jose. My paintings have won numerous awards and been accepted into National and Statewide shows including The Triton Museum of Art, The New Museum of Los Gatos, The California Watercolor Association, The Left Coast Annual Exhibit and the International Society of Acrylic Painters where I achieved signature membership.

Honorable Mention 2

Cynthia Pellerin
"The Places You Have Been"
30" x 30" - Acrylic, graphite, coloured pencil, recycled canvas, on canvas
My work explores the spaces, shapes and lines formed by architecture, flora, and aerial views of the land. Abstracting the muse, I image the exchange of intimate and diverse conversations between design principles and elements, compositionally ensuring a large area for rest and breath. I focus on unity and diversity, reflecting on how the process resembles the human condition, the experience of taking risks, playing, persisting, and searching for balance in the chaos and beauty of living. I am influenced by formalist and color field painters, where the process and formal elements are considered apart from the subject matter. I begin the work by spontaneously using various tools and mediums to create a ground of uncertainty. Holding a muse in mind I intuitively allow the marks and forms to guide my composition by adding and subtracting elements, resulting in overlapping planes that speak to each other due to a shared history. A process of exploration and discovery. Using juxtaposition, the work engages the viewers curiosity by creating cohesion between states of being, such as comfort, excitement, and tension. Utilizing a reduction process the work moves from chaos to harmony, a reflection of my sense of place.

Honorable Mention 3

Tani Conrad
"I Like Coffee"
18" x 18" - Oil on wood panel
In the past I have done series of paintings of either figures in water or of close up nature. The beauty in figures and nature is easy to find. But more recently I have been doing still life using mundane household objects where their beauty isn’t as apparent at first glance. I try to show them off to their best vantage point by playing with different spatial depiction as well as different viewpoints often in the same painting. As a result of doing these still life I see the geometric shapes of the box I am about to recycle, the various facets of a crumpled up piece of paper or the spatial arabesque of a lemon peel. And the ordinary overlooked objects become quite beautiful.

The 2023 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition

Click on the images below for pricing and artist contact information.

Debbie Mueller - "Chasing Shadows"
Lianne Jedeikin Goldsmith - "Tethered"
Jeff Horton - "Expanding"
Belinda Lima - "City By The Bay"
Cynthia Pellerin - "The Places You Have Been"
Tani Conrad - "I Like Coffee"
Karina Buckingham - "Wonderland"
Lynn Welker - "Sundowner Ridge"
Diane Bussieres - "Ressentir"
Yehonatan Koenig - "Heichalot 2"
Michael Toti - "Pron"
Veronica Lamond - "Cohesive Tangents"
Sanna Annukka - "Solstice"
Lisa West - "Indigo Day"
Erika Parrino - "Fields I've Seen"
Benita Neubauer - "Teatime at the Blue Hydrangea"
Nan Snow - "Growing"
Armin Mersmann - "Crossroads"
Natalie Friedman - "Kitchen With Cake Stand"
Hans Echterbecker - "Portrait d'une Femme"
RoseMarie Davio - "Stitches and Stories"
Jennifer Del Barrio - "Angel"
Selene Santucci - "Roll the Dice"
Hélène Martin - "Cap d'Or, Bay of Fundy"
Sherry Ying Ruden - "Underwater Reverie I"
Claire Halenbeck - “Westerlies and Rolling Seas"
Erika Stern - "Golden Hour"
Lisa Onstad - "Evidence"
Valérie Racine - "La famille Turpin"
Pat Goeke - "Beachcombing"
Joellyn Ross - "Into the Void"
Helen Larish - "Stand"
Gilly Heaps - "Office Window with Books NYC"
Harriet Eagle - "Light Reflection"
Samina Baig - "Mirror On The Wall"
Linda VanWyk - "Artifacts"
Kathleen M Robbins - "Winter Glow"
Sarah L Stewart - "Conversation With Rocks"
Liz Loxton - "Hey Fella"
Kathryn Hughes - "Love Boat"
Janet Yano - "Chapter 15 Patience"
Val Hubbard - "Finding My Way"
Margaret MacKenzie - "Lifeguard Building"
Andrew Faulkner - "Tiffany Sky"
Kathy Melanson - "Blue Pool #1"
Maggie Jones Boudreaux - "River & Roads"
Jane Ryan - "Exhibit A"
Kay Carlson - "Sausalito Horizon"
Clarisa Rakos - "Traces A1"
Elizabeth Swartz - "Tranquil Lake"
Lavinia Góes - "(in)tension"
Christina Turner - "Sea Rocks 2"
Paul Ransohoff - "Stella's Raft 8"
Angelique Luro - "Rendezvous"