The 2020 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition


It was an honor to be asked to jury this exhibition. I am always excited to see so much new artwork from artists that I may not be familiar with. With that said, this was one of the most difficult exhibitions to jury since there was such a wide variety of work both representational and non-objective, and so many good pieces from around the world. With over 3,300 artworks from 1,163 artists it was very difficult to not only select an exhibition of just 50 pieces, but choosing the top 4 was extremely challenging. This is why I have included 2 additional selections that I have identified as Juror’s Recognition.

While picking the final group for the exhibition, I searched for pieces that were engaging; they demonstrate quality, uniqueness, a story to tell or just pieces that continued to draw me in. I observed excellent ideas, compositions, balance, and palettes. I wanted to select a show that covered a variety of work and not just one genre. I wanted to include a selection of high quality pieces regardless, of subject matter. With an art degree and over 30 years of being in the art business, I trusted my eye and gut to help me pick the final selections.

My first place selection, “Pumpkin Stew Over Sticky Rice” by Nino Yuniardi, includes both movement, balance, and areas where the eye can rest. It shows a luscious paint quality with a very interesting palette of pumpkin and cream. The second place selection, “Lydia” by Laura Lloyd, is a brave portrait. It is both figurative and abstract. Lydia is moody with a story to tell. The paint is energetic with fun elements such as the bunny ears. The third place piece, “Billboard #4 in Blue” by Jeff Horton, while architectural in feeling, incorporates structure but with freedom. The drawn lines and composition give it structure but with loose painting. The honorable mention “Twenty Twenty” by JoAnn Godenir, has a geometric and pleasing composition but with an unexpected grid with squares which are more gestural. The opposing elements in a similar palette create an interesting whole. The two Jurors Recognition pieces, “Red Shoes” by Amy Brakeman Livezey and ”At the Museum (After Mel Bochner)” by Nancy K. Bass, I just could not exclude. Both are painted beautifully with their own unique story. Each piece has a foreground and background that are equally engaging.

About the juror, Julie Nester

Julie NesterJulie Nester, owner of Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, Utah, has over 30 years of experience in the business and curation of Art. Her gallery specializes in contemporary art and represents emerging, mid-career, and established artists from the United States and Canada. The art curated encompasses a diversity of styles, including figurative, abstract, and landscape. The gallery offers an exceptional selection of original paintings, mixed media prints, photography, and sculpture.




1st Place
Nino Yuniardi
“Pumpkin Stew Over Sticky Rice”
Award – $2,000

2nd Place
Laura Lloyd
Award – $1,500

3rd Place
Jeff Horton
“Billboard #4 In Blue”
Award – $1,000

Honorable Mention
JoAnn Godenir
“Twenty Twenty”
Award – $500

1st Place Winner

Nino Yuniardi
Pumpkin Stew Over Sticky Rice"
60" x 48" - Mixed Media
When I create, I embark on a journey of self-reflection. Each painting begins with a question, and through exploration, grows into a narrative; an abstraction of an aspect of life where the materials, colors, and textures become phrases and chapters describing the journey, not just the ending.

The process is iterative and celebrates the curiosity and imperfection that makes life dynamic. Though each painting documents a personal journey, I invite others to reflect on their own experiences through the work.

My Melting Pot series is my journey forward believing in human kindness. It’s my lighthearted way in reminding myself that we are all different, unique, and special in our own ways. Similarly, food ingredients are different, unique, and special in their own ways. Different people and different ingredients inspire me to see our humanity in a brighter light. I made-up food combinations in my work as if they are different people co-existing and being kind to each other.

2nd Place Winner

Laura Lloyd
40" x 40" - Acrylic and oil on canvas
I create art because it is fun. In my studio--and in my life--play and discovery are often my dearest and most constant companions.

My multilayered paintings begin with color, shapes, and bold mark-making; this is usually intuitive and free flowing, and I just observe what’s happening on the canvas. Sometimes I have a figure in mind, but I remain open and just play at this stage. Almost inevitably a figure shows up and then I explore how the figure and abstract areas interact, going back and forth, layering, removing, adding. I have been in love with faces for as long as I can remember and the contrast with the abstract elements is something I really enjoy. I love combining a classical style of painting and smashing it with the contemporary.

I make fun and weird stuff to make people smile and remind them that it’s ok to be happy. I hope my work reflects my love and curiosity towards people and the joy I feel from life.

3rd Place Winner

Jeff Horton
"Billboard #4 In Blue"
80" x 66" - Oil and mixed media on canvas
I create architectural abstract paintings. My work often is defined by lines, a result of architecture’s influence. The lines create a framework in my paintings that inform all my other moves on the canvas. Layers and lines are painted using oil paints suspended in a wax medium. The wax medium allows me to work forwards and backwards, constantly removing and adding layers to the painting. I don’t use many orthogonal lines in my paintings or sculptures, preferring angle lines to create spatial perspectives. For me, these sometimes chaotic perspectives create a sense of disorder which allows the viewer to become an active participant in my work.

Honorable Mention

JoAnn Godenir
"Twenty Twenty"
36" x 36" - Acrylic on wood
Twenty-Twenty is part of an evolving series of paintings started during the months long COVID- 19 lockdown. Once partitioned lives were thrown together while time, space and boundaries became fluid. A new way of working had to be embraced and the paintings emerged as a way to make sense of it all. The series is as much about the art-making process as it is a reflection of the human spirit’s ability to accept, adapt, and adopt change.
Solid wood substrates are used to allow for the use of trowels, putty knives, scrapers and sandpaper. Acrylic paint is layered on and sections are scraped or sanded back then painted over again and so on. The goal is to respond to what’s going on as it’s happening without paying too much attention to the outcome. No brushes are used in the process.

Judge's Recognition

Amy Brakeman Livezey
"Red Shoes"
24" x 24" - Mixed media on panel
Nancy K Bass
"At the Museum (after Mel Bochner)"
30" x 30" - Oil on panel

2020 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition

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Laura Lloyd - "Lydia"
Nino Yuniardi - "Pumpkin Stew Over Sticky Rice"
Billboard #4 In Blue
Jeff Horton - "Billboard #4 in Blue"
Lisa Roy - "Tomorrow is a New Day"
Red Shoes
Amy Brakeman Livezey - "Red Shoes"
Misa Gott - "Mizutamari"
At the Museum
Nancy K Bass - "At the Museum (after Mel Bochner)"
Ella Valcov - "1001 Kisses"
Twenty Twenty
JoAnn Godenir - "Twenty Twenty"
Janet Smedley - "Awaken"
Harriet Eagle - "Pot Plants"
Ann Artz - "Good Trouble"
Julie Schumer - "Dreamscape II"
Wendy Givens - "Drink the Wild Air"
Susan Friedman - "#2 Topography/elements series"
Katy Kuhn - "Incursion"
Jamie Kost - Untitled
Ulyana Stebelska - "Unfolding"
Jan Swanson - "Is the Renovation Ever Going to be Over?"
Susan Wolfe Huppman - "Vanitas"
Robbie Erskine - "Rest Stop on Abbey Road"
Crystal Michaelson - "Scribble Me a Color Dance No.15"
Rachel Davis - "Aakou, Fractured"
Barbara Ziselberger - "And a Calm Came Over Her"
Rhenda Saporito - "Cigars on the Beach #21"
Lisa Raymer - "Chow Dynasty Neon"
Lisa Hollenbeck - "Sunset in the Outback"
Deborah T. Colter - "Rain Dance"
Annelies Adriaensen - "Motherhood"
Erika Gehringer - "Long Way Home"
Ellen Nemetz - "Buick"
Kimberly Stoney - "There's Trouble Ahead But I'm Going There Anyway"
Margie Caldwell-Gill - "Reverie"
Aimee Bonham - "Phrasing"
Elizabeth E Gorek - “Quietude”
Pam Moseley Jones - "With You is the Fountain of Life"
Crystal Marshall - "Like Pure Wool"
Kathleen Fleming - "Journey's End"
Sandra Speidel - "Spring Rider"
Bibby Gignilliat - "Movement"
Victoria Pinney - "Change is the Measure of Time"
Susan Hart - "Resilience"
Gerald Barnes - "The Trumpeter"
Judy Woods - "Waiting on Tables"
Cayetana Conrad - "Wild Grasses"
Donalee J Kennedy - "Jelly Field Forever"
Liv Krekke Kaada - "Almost Green"
Donina Asera - "Frayed Edges of Last Night's Dream"
Glen Frear - "Athabasca"
Jennifer Johnson - "Picking Chili Peppers"