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Beyond the Shore – Kristin Little – Ep 133

July 3, 2024


I was walking into my studio the other day and met a woman who happened to be walking by. She’d recently taken my free workshop—while on a sailboat. It turns out that she’s an amazing photographer, artist, creator, and adventurer.

When Covid hit, she—along with her husband and twin boys—embarked on a grand adventure: Sailing the world. They bought a catamaran and started their journey in New Zealand. Taking action and diving in wholeheartedly led to some of the best experiences of their lives.

Our serendipitous encounter led to this candid conversation where Kristin shares what she’s learned on the journey about herself and her art, talks about the power of being present, and lends some advice to those looking to embark on their own adventure.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Introducing Kristin Little and her art [4:00]
  • The decision to buy a boat and sail the world [8:38]
  • Kristin’s art studio on her boat [18:31]
  • Navigating life on a boat [20:26]
  • This year’s Art2Life retreats [27:25]
  • Sailing is about being [28:35]
  • Feeling where other people are [37:28]
  • Kristin’s experience traveling with her kids [40:30]
  • What’s next for Kristin and her family [45:50]
  • Kristin’s advice for someone ready to adventure [50:59]

Buying a boat to sail the world

After 15 years working in the corporate world helping the World Bank adapt their policies to become more effective with the projects they funded, Kristin was ready for a change. Life needed to be more flexible.

So she pivoted into a photography business for a while. Then she spent some time facilitating discussions between policymakers and technology experts on ethical issues within cutting-edge technologies.

When Covid hit, her husband suggested buying a boat and taking their twin boys on an adventure. The whole family took multiple training courses and was certified to captain 55-foot boats. They bought a Leopard Catamaran and started exploring in New Zealand.

When you’re on the shore and you see the boat against the sunset, it paints a beautiful picture. But when you’re on the boat, moving beyond the shore, all you see is water. It’s a far different perspective—and one that Kristin revels in.

Navigating life on a boat

Their 46-foot catamaran is incredibly spacious and safe, with four rooms and four bathrooms. Kristin loves to swim between the hulls, which are well-shaded. They’ve seen dolphins play around their hulls as they’re sailing. Fish will fly onto the deck. They even got to swim with humpback whales and their babies.

They spend most of their time anchored in a specific place, spending time with the people. They recently spent time on Rangiroa, an atoll in French Polynesia, where they met many wonderful people.

Sailing is about being

Their boat is named “Go Be,” one of her son’s childhood phrases for expressing “I love you.” It’s aptly named because they’ve learned that sailing is about being present.

Every time she comes back to California, the visual input is overwhelming. It’s so easy to get distracted by the noise. But when Kristin is sailing to an island destination, she can focus on the world immediately around her.

When she’s on the boat, she spends time looking at the clouds and how they change shape and move. She spends time staring at the water and watching it shift. She allows the destinations she’s exploring to shape her art and photography.

Kristin’s advice for someone ready to adventure

Art is about finding yourself as you go. It comes from traveling, journeying, and finding your own way. You have to gain clarity about what lights you up and allow it to happen organically, in whatever way it manifests.

Kristin had a scare in the fall where she was worried she only had a few months left to live. Thankfully, the doctors made a mistake. That’s when she embraced action and chose to fully live in the present, embracing every moment. Because when you realize life is temporary, it gives you permission to truly live.

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