When it comes to attending an Art2life workshop, our aim is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you. If you have a question about this workshop, you’ll likely find the answer here!

Dates, Travel and Accommodations
Jnane Tamsna Address: Douar Abiad, Palmeraie, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco
Workshop dates: October 30th to November 6th, 2022
Room check in time on October 30th: 3:00pm
Room check out time on November 6th: 11:00am

We recommend that you fly into Menara Airport (the call letters are RAK), as that is the closest airport to Marrakesh. While the room check in time for the rooms at Jnane Tamsna is 3:00pm, please note that you are more than welcome to arrive earlier and wait at the property until your room is prepared. As for the last day of the workshop, should you have a flight departure in the late afternoon or evening, you are more than welcome to wait at Jnane Tamsna so long as you are checked out of your room by 11:00am.

Workshop attendees will be taken to Jnane Tamsna via shuttle. The shuttle schedule will be provided once we are two weeks away from the start of the workshop. The trip from the airport takes about 30 minutes. Please note that shuttle service is only available from RAK; should you decide to arrive at Jnane Tamsna via a different method, you are responsible for arriving at Jnane Tamsna on your own.

Jnane Tamsna recommends having around $50/€47 -$60/€57 in the local currency (called dirham) on hand, which you can get at the airport once you land. Any more cash on hand is not necessary, as most places take credit and debit cards. That said, if you would like to have more of local currency on hand, you are more than welcome to do so.

Jnane Tamsna prides itself in offering quality, organic, healthy meals, served in a style influenced by Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors. Jnane Tamsna is also known for the freshness of its cuisine, using fruits and vegetables harvested from their very own gardens; additional ingredients are sourced from the local markets. And for those of you with any kind of dietary restrictions or food allergies, don’t worry – the kitchen at Jnane Tamsna can accommodate you.

As for the property, be certain to avail yourself of its many lush gardens and pools, so be certain to bring a bathing suit! On that note, please bring clothes suited for warm to hot weather. Temperatures in Marrakesh in October/November are expected to be around the mid 70’s to 80’s (around 27 degrees Celsius). Fortunately, all of the rooms are air-conditioned and there is wifi available throughout the property.

If you would like to learn anything more about Jnane Tamsna, you can visit their website at

Workshop Itinerary
The schedule below represents an average workshop day. Please note that while this is the schedule for the workshop, nothing is exactly set in stone. Nicholas is very good at reading the vibe of the group and he will do whatever he can to make sure everyone feels like they are accommodated. We have some flexibility with mealtimes to fit in with the workshop program but our typical schedule is as follows…

8:00am: Breakfast
9:30am to 1:00pm: Workshop
1:00pm to 2:00pm: Lunch
2:00pm to 3:00pm: Break
3:00pm to 7:00pm: Workshop
7:00pm to 9:00pm: dinner
9:00pm onwards: After hours studio time

Art Materials
One of the hallmarks of any Art2life workshop is the Art Kit. This kit is sent to every Art2life workshop attendee, and it contains everything you need to enjoy the workshop. Please note that your Art2life Art Kit, if you are traveling to Jnane Tamsna by plane, MUST be checked as luggage; you cannot carry it onto the plane. To learn what each Art Kit contains, just click here. If there are art materials you would like to bring that are not included in the art kit, then we certainly encourage you to do so.

The weight of the art kit is around 14 lbs.

Art kits are typically sent out 1 month prior to the start of the workshop. If this schedule does not work for you, please let us know at your earliest convenience and it would be our pleasure to accommodate you if possible.

WORKSHOP COST AND ACCOMMODATIONS. There are four rooming options at Jnane Tamsna: single occupancy, double occupancy, triple occupancy and quadruple occupancy. Single occupancy rooms have 1 bed, double occupancy rooms have two beds, triple occupancy beds have three beds, and quadruple occupancy rooms have four beds. The cost breakdown for these four rooming options are as follows:

Single Occupancy Room: $5400
Double Occupancy Room: $4300
Triple Occupancy Room: $3700
Quadruple Occupancy Room: $3200

Please note that the above fee covers full room, board and shuttle transportation between Jnane Tamsna and RAK. You - the participant - are responsible for incidentals not included in the above price.

Please note that all shared accommodations are co-ed, unless specified otherwise.

Spaces are reserved for those individuals who will be participating in the workshop. Please also note that this workshop is not suitable for individuals with limited or impaired mobility.

To register for this workshop, we require a 1/3rd deposit. The 2nd payment (1/3rd the full amount) is processed 30 days after your initial sign up date; the 3rd and final payment is processed 60 days after your initial sign up. Please note, for late sign ups, the workshop must be paid in full prior to the start of the workshop.

Need More Info?
Please feel free to reach out if you have additional questions at We are here to help!