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Try to remember when you were crayoning in preschool. Most of us made imaginative pictures without much concern about them being a certain way. The judgment whether the drawing or painting was particularly good or not was secondary to the sheer joy of actually making art. It felt natural and relatively easy. It was simply part of our nature like eating, singing or dancing.



Once the years, once our formal education ends, however, the creative encouragement and opportunities for art making seem to peter out. Pressures of earning a living, relationships and possibly raising a family seem to pre occupy one’s life. Over time, many adults soon forget that they were ever artistic or particularly creative. This is understandable simply because, if you are like most people, there is not a lot of physical evidence of your art, your creativity to be seen in your life. No more colorful drawings taped on the refrigerator, those first efforts at paintings done in one’s youth are now ensconced in the garage somewhere and most of the artwork hanging in your living room has been made by others. The opportunity for artistry or creative expression in any form becomes squeezed out of our lives. Its absence is explained by the pre existing condition of having “no talent” Sadly we join the ranks of the populace that when queried about our own artistic abilities jokingly reply “Well, I can make stick figures but that is about it”



All too often today in our busy lives, opportunities to demonstrate and feel our own creativity are rare. Whether it is in the actual making of art in some form or another, or in the myriad of decisions made in our lives. Creativity, the single strongest expression of who we truly are, has, like our childhood art, been allowed to lapse and go unused.

Fortunately it is not something we ever lose, but rather something that has been just overlooked, possibly relegated years ago to a still, unused corner of our being. However, it still remains quietly within us all patiently waiting, just below the surface of things.

Till now…

Come experience an ArtLife workshop, designed for the absolute beginner or seasoned artist, and get inspired. Again.



I have been involved in teaching art and helping people re-find their creativity for 25 years. From my experience I have discovered that amazing artwork, incredible ingenuity and creativity comes out when ANYONE takes the time to learn and express themselves from a place of authenticity. Simply said, powerful artwork is made by people who have learned to communicate their individuality in a way that is in alignment with what they love and are passionate about. If there IS one ingredient needed for the making of “genius” artwork I would say without a doubt it would be passion. When you combine individuality (and we are all individuals!) with passion and a measure of vulnerability and risk then amazing surprising artwork arrives.

~ Nicholas Wilton