August 25, 2011

Artplane Evening Series Begins Sept 6th!

For anyone who is possibly within driving distance of Sausalito, CA. I thought I would post the info for the Artplane Evening Series.

This 6 week course is an abbreviation of the longer 5 and 7 day workshops we hold every year. They have been lots of fun so far.

The photo is of the texture making tools that everyone uses. I painted them all red because when we travel to various art studios to teach we invariably lose a few because they blend in so well….


Upcoming 6 week series: Tuesdays 6pm-9pm Beginning Sept 6th!

Thanks again to everyone for making the last session so much fun. Please pass this email on to

any of your friends who might enjoy the class. Word of mouth is my only advertising!

Come join the next 6 week series of studio classes taught by Nicholas Wilton in his

studio located in Sausalito, California. This ongoing course will be especially helpful for

those artists who are sometimes challenged by maintaining creative momentum and

achieving goals in alignment with their personal vision or creative path.

Beginning students as well as those who have already completed an Artplane Workshop

will find this weekly touchstone incredibly supportive and inspirational.

Not only will our small group be working together in class but we will also be

clarifying a practical process to develop a cohesive body of personal work.

We will be working on 12″ x 12” wood panels using primarily acrylic paint.

For more advanced students alternative materials and sizes can be substituted.

Included in the class will be demonstrations, slide presentations, great music and of

course the tremendous energetic lift that comes from working with friends.

Basic materials are included but can be supplemented with your own.

Come prepared for a whirl of self expression, and the very likely possibility that your

art can, in fact, become much more central in your life.

Course Fee $250 Please submit payment by mail or paypal to enroll. Additional info

will be sent upon enrollment.

Nicholas Wilton Artplane Creativity Series 480 Gate 5 Rd Ste 300W Sausalito, CA studio 415 601 8447


Nicholas Wilton

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Nicholas Wilton
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