January 30, 2013

It takes a Village

Why is it easier to attempt challenging things when your part of a group?

This morning I arrived for Xfit class and waked in on the endof th eprevious class that starts at 5:15 in the morning. I stood there half awake firstly wondering what th ehell I was doing htere and secondly how it was amazing what all these incredibly motivated people were doing. It was apparent that the grooup or the enrgey go the group was making it apossible fo rthsese folks to pull this off. There i ssomehing about having th emomentum of a group of similiarly directed people that makes things possible for indiiduals that wouldn’t be othersiwe. I couldn not imagine, fo recxample any of thesse peopel doing this workout alond intherie livin groom at 5:15 in th emorning.

I often lament that art making does’t sometimes have this possibility. WE just are squirlled away in our

sutdios miles and miles agpoert with no idea what th eother one is doing. the closes tthing i have ever experiecnes this kind of group momentum in relatisonship to art making is dueing week liong workshops. To have the community carrying you along while yo are all individually working together is th ebest of both worlds. Lately I have come to the conclusion that my art definetly has improved becasue of my larger community. I think having shows, dealing with galleries, embracing and giving your energy to other artists and supporters who are intersted in your wokr as well as fellow artists. I now see that in order to do what I love I am convinced I need as many people involved as possible. It is the community that surrounds and when that is healthy and you all begin to rise up then you get carried up as well.

you that rises up carrying yo with it to pull off a

Nicholas Wilton

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