September 15, 2014


943_Three Ways to get re inspired on your ArtSometimes you just lose momentum. Sometimes you look at everything you are making and it all feels flat. Sometimes you just don’t feel like going into the studio.

Here are 3 easy ways to get re inspired on your Art.

Your Art is your vacation.

I heard an amazing talk at World Domination Summit in Portland Oregon. It was by Bob Moore who founded Bob’s Red Mill grain company. At 85, Bob is still felt super excited about his career and he spent the better part of an hour offering us advice, not just about business but about life. (I recommend watching this video of his talk)

There was one thing he said regarding careers that I never forgot. In explaining how he could remain so passionate about his job, he smiled and said, “Your Vocation should be your Vacation.”

This resonated with me, but I also see that in real life, most typical jobs don’t have that flexibility. In Bob’s case it really helps to be the owner of the company.

It is important to remember that Art is not a typical vocation. A career in art contains within it an extremely valuable attribute. Art careers accommodate your necessity to change.

A career in art is utterly and totally flexible and adjustable to whatever it is that you want. This spaciousness is built in, but sometimes we forget we have it, especially when the only thing staring back at us is something we have toiled over to such an extent that we are just plain are sick of it.

Instead of thinking there is a problem with your vocation try thinking about how to change things so it feels more in alignment with you. It could be your materials, when and where you work and even what you make. Think about making things more like a vacation for yourself.

And less like a vocation.

Start something new

The feeling of being bogged down is usually based upon something that has been worked on too long. Things become stale. Boredom sets in. It takes enormous energy to overcome this empty feeling, to then re invigorate this work with something that can make it super dynamic again. So instead of trying so hard to overcome these emotions, try a different tact.

Put it aside and start something that is new. Preferably without a plan. Do something that feels easy.

Two essential components to be present within us to create potent art are curiosity and wonder. New beginnings always come with both. Starting something new returns us back into the kind of thinking and hopefulness that can generate our best work.

Easy is the New Hard

Do you sometimes find that your best work was also the easiest? I do. This happens to me all the time. Now when I am struggling for too long, I literally choose to stop.

After a break I promise myself that I will only proceed with actions that feel like a “yes”. I then try and stay in the groove of what is easy instead of hard. After all, most of the work of others that I admire looks more effortless than effortful.

I believe that effortless can only be learned by practice. This little shift in the way I work has helped me significantly. Why should it always be so hard?

Give yourself a break and once again return to what brings you a joyful yes. Everyone will be happier, especially you.

How do you make your Vocation more like a Vacation? Please leave your comments below.

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