January 27, 2016

15 Positive Ideas that can Help your Art Practice – Part Two

Last night's sunset on Moloka'i, HI. Photo taken from the Art2Life workshop at the Hui Ho'olana.

Last night’s sunset on Moloka’i, HI. Photo taken from the Art2Life workshop at the Hui Ho’olana.

Thank you for your comments and your interest last week when I posted the first eight of fifteen positive ideas that can help your art practice. These 15 ideas are what I have used to stay buoyant in my own art practice, especially when things have felt hard. I am teaching a workshop on the island of Molokai right now and once again I see how important it is for artists, especially for those of us who are not so far along, to be reminded of the positive aspects of walking a creative path. These points, when even slightly embraced can dramatically shift, not just your outlook, but also your art and then ultimately your life. Here then are the remaining eight…

9 Intuition often leads the way in the artist’s journey. It is trusted.

10 Artists do not work for galleries or agents. They work for themselves. Some artists choose to work with galleries and agents in partnership.

11 Making Art is vitally important in the world today. It is one of the most prestigious, courageous endeavors a person can undertake in a life. Period.

12 Great success and notoriety is available today for artists because they can directly reach 30 million people for the price of an Internet connection. It is an amazing time in history to be an artist.

Intuition often leads the way in the artist’s journey. -- NW Share on X

13 Community is essential. The influence and the support of like-minded people dramatically increase the likelihood of making of great art and realizing your dreams.

14 Everyone wants to feel more alive. Art that is new and different provides this feeling. You are totally and utterly unique. If your art reflects this fact, then it too will be desired.

15 Some of the most essential people in the artist’s life are those that support and follow the creative path the artist has chosen to walk.

I know for many of you these are familiar but possibly there are a couple in here that are not. I especially resonate with number 14. In all my many years of teaching this simple idea has shown me over and over again how making amazing art is available to anyone who is interested in making art. Talent, it turns out, has nothing to do with it. Ultimately we are all unique and that, more than anything, is what counts.

This list wasn’t totally compiled by me. It comes from an ongoing collaboration with other artists like you. Any thoughts or positive ideas that are helpful for you in your art practice would be super great to hear.

Hope your art is going well…. I am teaching all week which for me is super inspiring but it does make me really, really look forward to making my own art next week when I return.

In gratitude, Nicholas

PS Just in case you missed last weeks 8 positive idea, post click here.

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