August 18, 2016

That Thing, Again

There is this thing that I know. It has to do with making your art – no matter what discipline you create in – more authentic. I am now convinced, from my personal experience that it is one of the primary pieces of information needed to make remarkable paintings. This little bit of knowledge, this small smackeral of understanding not only helps your art go from good to great, it also relates – at least for me – to almost every aspect of my life. The problem is, that for some reason, I keep forgetting about it. I am not sure why, but I do. Constantly.

When I remember it, I feel a lightness wash over me. It feels a little like getting away with having your cake and eating it too – only in this case there are as many servings as you can imagine.

Does this idea always work? When didn’t it? So has it been this easy all along and it was just me making it so damn hard? When you remember it, things just turn out easier, better, especially art. Problem is, even though I teach this to people, I forget it sometimes. I forgot from Friday morning until today, Wednesday afternoon at about half past three, to remember it again. Once I did my paintings started improving in a way that till today I had been unable to imagine. I sensed I wanted things to be different, but I just didn’t know exactly how.

Sometimes I think I am just unable to hold things in my brain. As a teacher, a big part of my job is simply to remind people again and again of what they already know. Repeatedly they say the same thing to me…”I can’t believe I forgot that AGAIN!” I reassure them that when you are standing in front of a panting it is so absolutely transporting that often that you can leave a part of your thinking behind – everyone does this.

So what is this idea? So before I forget again, here it is….

Try to make your Art MORE from what you FEEL rather than what you THINK.

If you do, your work gets more personal. It is simply more like you. And lo and behold if it is, if it is a reflection of what you FEEL, then it will be more AUTHENTIC. And when that happens it changes from garden variety good, to amazing.

Give it a try.

In forgetfulness, Nicholas


Nicholas Wilton

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