June 22, 2017

When you know

When you know
The tricky part in life is making the right decisions. Everyone struggles with this. Lately I feel like I have been not doing so well at making decisions. It is hard to know because what might, at first, feel like a mistake, maybe down the road, will feel right. I hope so.

Of course a huge amount of what makes something right is what we create around the decision. “The grass is greener where we water it” is what my daughter just told me. I think that is true.

Making art is a practice of being ourselves. The more time we spend in this place, the better we get at making creative decisions. They generally get more refined and sensitive. Our improving art is a testament to this idea.

In times when things are uncertain or difficult it is a pretty safe bet to go back into your art. Let it remind you that you have been here before. I can hear myself so much easier standing in front of something I am making. Your art is like a mirror. It is you but in a different form. It stands beside you, like a friend, encouraging your best self to speak up and to know clearly when to say No, but much, more importantly when to say Yes to what you truly desire.

Nicholas Wilton

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