March 31, 2019

Your view from here is entirely different

Sometimes, to make a big change in your art, all you need is a small, one in your thinking.

I was reminded of this when recently being shown how to find mushrooms in the forest.

Watch the video below and let me show you…

Like the wide awareness of an owl perched quietly high above, we too can learn to perceive our art the same way.

Especially as we create. Staying above the singular details permits us to see and respond more accurately to all the parts of our art.

If our art is made with broad  awareness, it can feel more expansive and open.

And as a result, it becomes a more generous invitation for those who encounter it.  There is simply more space for the viewer’s experience of your art.

This kind of thinking generates art that is memorable. It creates art that is desirable by others.

It does something that possibly we all strive to do in our art.

It creates connection.

Do you ever view your art in this way?

Let me know in the comments below.


PS We have a winner from last week’s North Star Challenge!…watch to discover who!

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