July 7, 2019

Improve your art by looking at this…

Do you ever lose your way in your art?
And often, no matter how long you look,
your art won’t reveal the answers?

So instead, of looking at your art,
try looking at your life instead.
You see, often your art is made in
response to your life.

In other words, the reason your art
isn’t feeling quite as good as it
used to, has to do with the fact
that your life has changed.

And now, the particular art
you have always made
is no longer the appropriate
response to your life.

Understanding the call and response
of our art and life can illuminate
and clarify both.

And most importantly, it can help you
identify an overdue change.

A change that results in art that
will be more like who you are

What might you change in your life
that could shift your art?

The answer could be a game
changer for your art.

Leave a comment
and let us know!

Hope your Sunday is going great.


PS Check out my friend, April Dawn Parker’s
art at www.aprildawnparker.com or follow her on
Instagram @aprildawnparker

Nicholas Wilton

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