December 1, 2019

What makes being an artist great

Hi there,

We are all familiar with the hard parts of being an artist.
But today, since this is a season of gratitude, I thought I would talk about
what I love about artists.

First off, I am so thankful I am one.
However, it is easier to recognize the characteristics I appreciate in my artistic
friends and community.

We are simply different.
And this week’s vlog is all about how. Watch the video below to have a look.

Of course there are a myriad of ways,
but a few stand out above all others.

Firstly, I love that artists are such sensitive human beings.
Artists feel the subtleties occurring around them, be it visible or not.
They feel and experience often what is missed or overlooked.
And then they go one step further and make what they feel, visible through their art.
I believe this is a big part of the role artists serve in the world.

Artists are also incredibly observant.
They see and notice more of the world than most.
Seeing what is obvious but also what is smaller and less noticeable too.
A billowy white cloud passing overhead is seen by many but very few notice it’s shadow passing
over the landscape too.

And then there is curiosity. This, above all else, is why I cherish being around creatives. They are always asking how or looking closer to discover why.
What would happen if I added this color here?
What is it about this spider web that stops me in my tracks?
Can I take a photo that captures this essence?

Curiosity is derived from wonder.
The same kind that a child feels when seeing a butterfly for the first time.
Artists have somehow held onto that wonder and curiosity longer than most.

I believe if we stay connected to these we will cherish, appreciate and in the end, be more mindful stewards of our all that surrounds us.

Becoming an artist simply has a lovely ripple effect in the world.

I am curious. What do you love about artists?

Let us know in the comments

I hope the beginning of this holiday season finds you with
family and friends.

Enjoy this day.


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