January 12, 2020

How much difference is too much?

Today I am sharing the one cool thing I learned in making this

It just might help you too.

It has to do with my favorite subject when talking about art making.

When we experience things that are different from one another,
it makes us feel alive.

In art, “differences” can be expressed as different sizes, colors, values and
textures to name just a few.

But if things are too different they no longer relate.

And that is what happened in this recent painting.

In this painting, parts became so different that it felt disjointed.

The solution came by making the foreground and the background not more different,
but more similar.

We want our art to feel cohesive. We want it to feel like it all belongs in the same world. But we also want the tension of the differences.

Art making has a lot to do with balancing cohesion with contrasts.

We all express this differently and this, in the end, is what makes our art
feel like our own.

Do you consider this idea in your art? Let us know your thoughts in the
comments below.

Have a great Sunday!


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