July 19, 2020

What makes a great shape?

Hi there, as an abstract painter, my art focuses on shapes. I love them. Regardless of the kind of art you make, they all incorporate shapes.

Creating great, alluring shapes in any art, however, is difficult.

What makes one shape better than another? That is what I am talking about today.

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It turns out it is not so much about the shape, but what is around the shape that makes it so good.

By using contrasts such as scale, placement, and value, it is possible to take an ordinary shape and make it extraordinary.

By paying attention to the shapes around the shapes in your art, you can optimize their relative strength.

A single shape can only be so good. Imagine flying up 3,000 ft above your art.
From there, look down on all the shapes to see how to adjust them relative to each other.

I improve my paintings using this strategy.

How do you improve the shapes in your art?

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