August 23, 2020

Are you juggling too much?

Do you sometimes feel you have too many ideas? Does it seem crazy to be entertaining one more thing with everything you already have on your plate?

How do you deal with the overwhelm of all those creative ideas and plans you have?

People accuse me of taking on WAY too many things, and as a result, I have thought a great deal about this. I have some thoughts about this that might help.

Click on the video below to have a look.

In case you are rushing to your next idea and don’t have time for this video, here is the nugget:

Having too many ideas in your head is not what makes it hard; thinking about ALL those ideas while working on ONE of them is what makes it hard.

In other words, while you are doing one idea, only think about that one idea. Your brain is excellent at holding many ideas. It is just not so good at doing 2 or 3 at the same time.

Contrary to what most people tell you, I believe there are benefits to having a full plate.

Benefit #1: Constantly thinking about ideas, iterations, and solutions to what you are involved in keeps your brain creatively nimble. This ability is what all artists leverage to create their art.

Benefit #2: Having multiple projects swirling inside and outside your brain gives you added objectivity to the one project you are doing. Making clear and potent decisions allows you to make your art faster, easier, and stronger.

Benefit #3: At its root, creativity is about making connections between seemingly unrelated things. The more stimulus an artist has, the more surprising and wondrous solutions are likely to happen.

How do you manage all your ideas, plans, and projects that you have inside of you?

Let us know in the comments below.

I hope your Sunday is wondrous.


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