October 18, 2020

How to choose better for your Art + Life

Do you ever feel like you made the wrong decision? Upon looking back, it seems so obviously wrong. How could I make that decision? Well, that is what I am talking about today.

Have a look here:

If you want to be better able to choose what you want, especially regarding your art-making, it helps to have criteria. Knowing what constitutes a YES, and more importantly, a NO beforehand, can increase your correct choices.

It is never that one decision that is particularly problematic but instead the sum total of many slightly off judgments over time. It is almost more important for those who are just beginning their creative path to pay attention and to stay focused on all that inspires you.

It is all about improving the batting average of your right decisions / how you spend your time, the kind of art materials you use, and even how you want to feel when making your art. These decisions matter. Especially in the beginning stages of the Creative Path.

A small adjustment in your direction in the beginning, can in the end, take you to an entirely different destination.

Starting tomorrow, Monday, October 19th, I am leading the free Creative Breadcrumb Challenge. It is a five-day challenge running next week that is all about clarifying your criteria for what is a yes and what is a no. I hope you can join us. Click the link below to join us.


What is your criteria for saying yes?

Let us know in the comments your strategy for staying current with all you desire in your art and life.

I hope your Sunday in the studio is fun.


Nicholas Wilton

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