November 21, 2021

Going narrow instead of wide in your art

One can include so much in their art, but having too much can become a problem. It becomes difficult for the viewer to know what the art is about if it includes all things equally- lines, colors, shapes, textures. Showing everything ends up diluting them, and the impression is less memorable. Choosing what’s essential and narrowing your focus, brings potency to your work.

Let me show you what I mean.

When you work with less, there’s a purity of expression that’s more potent and more you. Because the clarity of your message is strong, the response is strong, and others can see you in your art more clearly and connect with your work on a deeper, more universal level.

How does this idea of going deep rather than wide relate to your work? Let me know in the comments.

This upcoming Wednesday’s Podcast episode is with Sonoma, California artist Adam Wolpert. Our conversation is all about this idea of singularity. Adam’s art goes deep, deep into the majestic oaks of Sonoma County. Trees have become his sole focus, and the result is powerful. So while you are making your art this week, come listen to this fantastic conversation. On Wednesday, too, I will be posting some of his art in the podcast section of the Art2Life website.

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Enjoy your Sunday!


Last month at the Art2Life Workshops in Mallorca, some special things happened that I can’t wait to share with you! Together with the workshop attendees, we created two collaborative paintings which we will be auctioning off next week via our Instagram and Facebook pages.

All proceeds will then be donated to an art-related charity that the winners of the auction will select for Giving Tuesday. Stay tuned for more info on how to participate this coming Monday, November 29th.

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