March 6, 2022

How to always choose correctly

Do you ever have so many great ideas for your art that you don’t know which to choose? It can feel overwhelming because we don’t want to make the wrong decision. What if the one I choose isn’t the best? I want to share a way to help make any decision a good one.

Here’s how…

Entertaining many ideas simultaneously might feel good at first, but the problem is, your thinking about all of them has to be shallow. However, even if you are unsure if it was the best out of all your ideas, choosing one idea narrows your focus. As you repeatedly think about it, your focus becomes more evident and simplified. You can remember it and relate it to other areas of your life. Focusing and having a deeper exploration will strengthen your practice and result in stronger art.

How do you make choices that make your art go deeper? Let us know in the comments.

This idea of letting go of possibilities to go deeper into one direction came up during a conversation with my next podcast guest, artist William Downs. William makes epic giant wall drawings using just black and white ink. Come hear the story this Wednesday behind that decision.

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