April 3, 2022

Being Our Best Selves

Recently I planned a getaway to a beautiful retreat spot. It’s always great to do but I was surprised to find that after a day of downtime, I just wanted to paint and so I left. Getting back to the studio felt so good. It quenched something in me and it got me wondering; what is it that takes us to our art?

Here are my thoughts…

Creating puts us in the driver’s seat. When we’re making something out of nothing it puts us in a place of strength, and that feels good. Getting in motion allows you to access your life in a different way. I believe at that moment, we are experiencing being the best version of ourselves.

What drives you to art-making and what do you get from it? Let me know in the comments.

This relates to my next Podcast interview with an artist in Ukraine. He talks about how the strength of his anger during this incredibly hard time is firing his creativity. The conversation comes out this Wednesday on the Art2Life Podcast. Please check it out, it’s so moving.
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Have an awesome Sunday!


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