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Creating – Susan Melrath and Ferris Martinez – Ep 40

July 27, 2022


What does it mean to be an artist? Some say it’s one’s education or creative prowess. Others reserve that title for those who can make a living from their art. Yet, when we look at the nature of art and creativity, it feels so much bigger than the definition a single perspective can provide. Join us for a special conversation between Art2Life team members Susan Melrath and Ferris Martinez as they discuss Ferris’ art practice of both music and painting, how art movements throughout history have shaped our perception of creativity, and why artistry is more of a universal concept than we think.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • The multi-disciplinary art-making of Ferris Martinez, growing up with creativity, and the accessibility of music [4:02]
  • The evolution of Western art throughout history and how art enriches our lives [10:33] 
  • The influence of upbringing on art-making and the art in everything [21:32]
  • NFTs, elitism, and the current direction of the art world [25:19] 
  • Navigating a music career during the pandemic and how limitation inspires creativity [33:06]
  • Bringing narrative into painted portraits [42:51]

Color and sound

Have you ever closed your eyes while listening to a song? Visualizing music can be both a powerful and relaxing experience. When we think critically about these areas of artistry, the separation between color and sound becomes very thin. Both paintings and songs require careful composition to find the perfect balance. Just as line and color fill a canvas, musical compositions are filled with notes, chords, rhythm, and melody. There are quiet parts to draw the people in and louder bits to fill the room with energy. A solid song structure is what turns a tune into a story for the listener, just as how a painter manipulates their composition to add narrative. The methods and techniques may be different, but all art is designed to do the same thing: create movement. Its purpose is to shift our perspectives and transport us to new places. Art is supposed to be a source of inspiration for both the artist and the one who experiences their creation.

The eye of the beholder 

The definition of what is and is not art has been inconsistent since the dawn of time. From cave paintings to Banksy, everyone thinks their art is THE art. But the reality is that the general public’s perception of art and creativity cannot be divorced from, and is indeed a direct reflection of, the various art movements throughout history. From religious symbolism to abstraction, the movements dictate the direction of the art world’s gaze. What Ferris and Susan love about the current era of modern art is that it seems to be the era of everything all at once. For example, a figurative painting will often have abstract elements as well. Rules are looked at as more of a springboard to launch off into the wild unknown of creativity. Beauty is once again defined by the eye of the beholder.

Everyone is an artist

What is art? What is an artist? It can be boiled down to creation and creator. If you breathe life into something that didn’t previously exist, you are an artist. Art isn’t just about a canvas and easel or a guitar and a microphone. Art is about unleashing your creativity to make something new. Something good. Not good according to the art critics. Good for your soul and the souls of those your art touches. Everyone is an artist when they put time and intention into the things they create. Not everyone has to like it for it to be art either! Not everyone will. Living a creative life allows you to see things from a different perspective. It allows you to appreciate things that perhaps a typical elitist view would not. Even if you truly do not like something, creativity helps give us a kinder disposition towards things outside of our normal interests.

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