September 11, 2022

Dive into the Unknown & Fire Up Your Creative Juices!

I recently interviewed this amazing artist, Jaq Chartier, whose approach to her art is about testing and experimenting. She loves not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s an exciting approach to making art and it got me thinking about mine. Looking at older work, I see more intention and less mystery, whereas in my newer work, I really go with not knowing what I’m doing! There’s more mystery and I find it makes better art.

Let me show you…

How much of the unknown do you embrace in your process? Let me know in the comments.

This idea ties beautifully with the FREE Breadcrumbs Challenge that starts TOMORROW! It’s about leaning into uncertainty and experimentation to ignite your creativity. Each day this week I’ll give you thoughtful prompts to help you think about where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go with your art. It’s all about following the breadcrumbs towards your best, most personal, and powerful art.

To get us ready for the Challenge, I’ll be going LIVE TODAY AT 12PM PDT! Many artists have no idea how many incredible techniques are available to them. Stenciling is one that often gets overlooked, but it can bring a whole new level of dimension and fun to your art. Join me live today to learn more about this! Click here to sign up and get sent all the info on how to access everything Breadcrumbs.

This week’s podcast features my interview with Jac Chartier, who’s entirely led by her curiosities — what happens when this ink touches that surface? Like a scientist, she considers her paintings tests. Working with inks and dyes, she creates beautiful interactions that evoke mystery, depth, and an almost spiritual calm. Her approach is inspiring! I hope you’ll join me. Listen to and subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast.

Hope to see you later today!

Nicholas Wilton

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