December 11, 2022

Do you need a breakthrough?

It’s Ferris from the Art2Life Team here, for this week’s vlog. I wanted to share some thoughts on breakthroughs in your art. I moved recently and haven’t had much time to paint, however, the move has allowed me to reflect on my art this past year. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about what’s helped move my practice forward. Surprisingly, the answer is deceptively simple.

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Once I overcame my fear, I gained so much from doing these photoshoots. Not only were they fun, they generated so much content for future work and made my new work better. A simple but real breakthrough for me!

What breakthroughs have you experienced in your art practice or what sort of breakthrough do you hope for? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear.

The topic of breakthroughs is the focus of this week’s podcast. Nick offers helpful ideas and conditions to cultivate breakthroughs in your art. Join him on Wednesday for this next episode.
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To see more of my work, before and after my breakthrough, click the links below.

Have a happy Sunday!


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