February 19, 2023

Here’s how subtlety leads to powerful art

The Art2Life Creative Visionary Program 2023 is starting in a couple of days, and I can’t wait! Enrollment has just opened up, so click here to learn more and sign up to join us: www.artlifecvp.com

In the Creative Visionary Program, I talk about differences. You can see what I mean in this painting. There is bold contrast that makes it exciting, but when differences are too big, they can feel unrelated. I need to refine the work so that all parts of the picture are related.

Take a look…

This is about discernment and sensitivity. It’s what makes good work great work and moves people emotionally. Let me know if this idea of subtlety and refinement rings true for you in the comments.

Join me LIVE today, at 12 pm PST, for another special demonstration about Intuition and Intellect and how these two modes of being are needed to create strong art and a more art-centered life. Your future art and life are both beautifully optimized by learning how to flow easily between your intuition and intellect. Today I will explain how this works!

Join me live on Facebook or on YouTube at 12 pm PST for this conversation about living your best art and life.

I hope to see many of you later today on the live call and in CVP 2023 to move your art forward! And welcome to all of those who are new to our Sunday Vlog! I’m happy you’re here.


PS: Don’t miss our next episode of the podcast coming out this Wednesday with the incredible figurative painter, Philip Buller. He talks about curiosity being a driving force to overcome fear and how it keeps his work moving forward. This spirit of “what if…” and the mindset of play, is what the Creative Visionary Program is all about. Join us for this amazing conversation! Click here to subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on past episodes!https://pod.link/1579122752

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