March 19, 2023

Here’s why what you create MATTERS.

A common concern I hear from people about art relates to confidence. Questions like, “Am I good enough? Can I do this?,” come up often. Especially in the middle of the process, you can start feeling like what you’re doing is not that meaningful. I heard something I wanted to share because it radically changed that perspective.

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Art is culture, and we’re making it! As a result, we’re connecting to others through our art and creating community, and our community contributes to our humanity. What we’re doing does matter. Creativity has the power to save the world! So let’s keep the momentum going; we need everyone!

How do you think your work contributes to the world? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

I read this powerful perspective in an amazing book called, “Your Brain on Art” by Ivy Ross and Susan Magsamen, who I’ve interviewed for this week’s podcast. There’s so much we sense as artists and it turns out now there is scientific proof! Join me this Wednesday for our next episode as they explain how art has the power to transform the world positively.

I’ll give a signed copy of the book to one person who records a voice message with our new feature on the Art2Life Podcast page on our website, Look for the yellow tab on the right-hand side of the screen and then follow the prompts to record a question. I love hearing your voices and thoughts! *Please note that this feature is ONLY available on our Podcast website, and not any other podcast streaming service.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday and I look forward to hearing from you!


PS: Have you downloaded our Free Color Tips PDF yet? Click here to see the 5 key Color Principles I use in my own art. I hope you find them helpful.

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