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How to Work Less but Better – Nicholas Wilton – Ep 76

April 5, 2023


If you’re anything like me, your schedule is probably jam-packed. I’m always trying to do too many things, so the idea that less is more has become really important. We have to find the sweet spot of working less (which creates spaciousness and opportunities for something new) while refusing to sacrifice quality. It opens up our schedule so we don’t feel so starved for time while producing better work. Join me as I share three tips for developing efficiency in your art practice.

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Finding your flow state [1:46]
  • Keeping your art, your practice, and your studio fresh [8:36]
  • Cultivating your why and how it impacts your art practice [15:37]

Go with the flow

One of the biggest ways to increase efficiency in your studio is learning how to consistently flow. The term flow state is thrown around a lot in the art world. But what does it mean? Flow can certainly happen while making art, yet it’s not limited to that. Any time you are completely engrossed in and present with what you’re doing, flow is possible. The beautiful thing about being in a flow state is that total immersion allows you to feel like yourself. Time stands still as anxiety and comparison fade away. All that’s left is you and your art. Flow state makes us feel alive. That feeling is the North Star that guides us to our best and most personal work. Every ounce of your schedule does not need to be filled with studio time. If you commit to practicing flow state and how you think during flow in other parts of your life, it will start to take root in your art practice.

Keep it fresh

Procrastination is a major enemy of efficiency in your art practice. Results take so much longer when it’s a struggle to even start. One of the reasons I believe artists procrastinate is that things get stale in the studio. We’ve all pushed so hard for something to happen on our canvas that we get stuck in a redundant loop. Day after day, we want to figure it out so bad that we take all the fun and energy out of the studio. After a while, we don’t even want to try anymore because it’s no longer enjoyable. This is where we have to get excited again. One of the best ways to do that is to bring something new into your studio. It can be as simple as flowers or a painted wooden duck. It just needs to bring change. Our soul craves difference and freshness, so don’t forget to feed it!

Find your why

Inside all of us is a WHY. Why we do the things we do, and why we are the way we are. Finding the why behind your art will help make your work faster, easier, and ultimately better. One of the major benefits to knowing why you make the art you do is getting to cross-reference the thing you’re making with your why. The clarity allows you to see the disparity between your why and what you’re making so you can adjust. A small adjustment in your art now, will have major ramifications a year from now. The main thing your soul wants is to evolve. I also believe it already knows the kind of art it wants you to make. When you have something as potent as your WHY to compare and contrast your art with, the end results will be undeniably you. Listen to this episode for more on bringing efficiency into your art studio!

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