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An amazing way to create a line

Last week I showed you a way to make dark lines by covering up shapes and leaving remnants of color. Today I want to show you how to create light…

Different Way to Make a Line

A Different Way to Make a Line

I love working with lines in my art. Usually, I use a tool like a pencil to make lines. But today, I thought I would share a different way to create lines and add richness to your work. Have a look here. I have found surprisingly beautiful and different lines…

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New Shapes

New Shapes at Your Fingertips

I’m often asked how I come up with all the shapes in my art. It turns out, shapes are found everywhere. So, by paying attention as you go through your day, you can discover shapes to bring into your art. Another way I find shapes is by working with ones…

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make your art amazing

You need both of these to make your art amazing

I am super excited that our annual SPARK Program starts this coming week! It is a 21-day program designed to start or re-energize your art-making. In the program, everyone makes their own SparkBook, so today, I thought I would share mine with you, along with a very cool idea about…

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