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My favorite way to start a painting!

Here is a quick way to get paint down on paper, or even canvas. I love starting this way when I don’t have much time and want something to be…

question that leads to your best art

The one question that leads to your best art

I used to worry so much about my art. Will it ever be good enough? Will I ever develop my unique style? Will I ever be able to get it out into the world? It turns out I am not alone. I frequently hear these concerns from other artists, too….

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busy or simple

Do you like busy or simple art?

Do you like busy or simple art? There is, of course, beauty in both. I love the complexity of a Persian carpet, but I also am drawn to the sublime, minimal paintings of Mark Rothko. In the end, you want to do the kind of work that brings you alive….

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a bigger studio

Stepping into a bigger studio…

Years ago, I remember moving into a much bigger studio. So big, in fact, I planned on sharing because it was more than I needed and felt too big. However, while getting the space ready, I realized I loved the spaciousness and decided to keep it for myself. That bigger…

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