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The Key to Breakthroughs

The art-making journey has many high points, like when the art comes so quickly or sells. But there’s one thing that tops all others, and that’s breakthroughs. These change everything….

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The Gift of Sensitivity

Have you ever felt more sensitive than others? I notice this, especially when I’m with my non-artist friends. I’m more easily annoyed if music is too loud or the lighting too bright. As artists, we have a heightened sensitivity and awareness about everything and it can feel like a curse……

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The Benefits of Showing Your Work

This past week, I opened my new work at Julie Nester Gallery in Park City, Utah. Due to Omicron, winter storms in Utah, and the delays at the airports, I considered not attending. However, in the end, I went to the opening. I am so glad I did! Seeing the…

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orange motivated art making

How to Stay Motivated in Your Art Making

Staying motivated and energized, especially if you’re away from your studio this busy time of year, can be a challenge, but I have some ideas that can help. Have a look here. One is to be open to the possibility of change (for your work and life) in the new…

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