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Is your Art true for you?

When looking back at old work, I’m always surprised at how I can remember what I was thinking about when making the art. My thoughts ranged from the gallery I…

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The Secret to Authenticity

I teach principles of art-making, and there’s one overarching idea that connects them all — the idea of differences. Big shapes, small marks, bright color, value contrast—all these exciting differences bring life to your art. However, something less obvious is the secret to making genuinely authentic art, and that’s vulnerability….

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Nicholas Wilton painting

Tune Out & Drop In

I injured my hand recently, and it’s been harder to paint. Holding my tools is awkward, and I can’t lift the larger paintings onto the wall. I was trying to work anyway but reacting to my limitations completely blocked me from that flow state. Everything I was making seemed harder…

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This one question can change everything

I’m never sure where I am going when making my art. It’s sometimes hard to know what to do next. But there is one thing I do that helps me every time: I ask a question. However, it has to be a potent one. So here is the one question…

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