June 11, 2023

How I create lines in my paintings…

I love creating lines in my work, but I don’t do it by painting them directly. There’s an easier way. By working with values and the paint layers I have, I paint and cover areas, resulting in cool lines that give the work a finished quality.

Check this out…

Sometimes I make a line with a big stroke, but paint it out with a value close to the background. The result is a subtle difference between two values, and those details make the work feel refined. I love finding easy ways to create richness, like painting and repainting, including working with drips. They are lines, too!

Have you made lines this way? Let me know in the comments.

This week’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast is all about knowing when a painting is finished. I get asked this question all the time. I’ve come to learn that the secret comes in timing. We spend too long trying to get a painting finished. Join me on Wednesday as I share some helpful ideas to keep you moving on. Subscribe to the Art2Life Podcast and catch up on past episodes, too!

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