September 10, 2023

Try This New Painting Surface!

I was looking at old artwork and remembering I used to paint on a joint compound. It’s a material generally used with sheetrock found at any hardware store. I think of it as white mud. You can apply it to wood, and what’s so cool is that it has a nice toothy texture that’s fun to draw into.

Check out how I use it…

I can use an awl to make marks deep into the surface and then come in with more paint or sand it down. It’s just a nice soft surface to work on that creates a weathered quality like an old wall. Give it a try!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried this or how you enhance your surface before you paint.

On this Wednesday’s episode of the Art2Life Podcast, I’m talking about rising above unbelief. We often hear comments from friends or family that have doubts about what we’re doing. It’s so hard to keep going when others have little confidence in us, but it’s so important not to let others bring us down. I’ll share some thoughts on how to stay confident and rise above!

I’m also excited to announce our 100th episode that is coming on Wednesday, September 20th! It’s a milestone I’ll celebrate with a special friend as we look back at the amazing guests we’ve had, the pearls of wisdom we’ve gained and the clues about where we’re heading on our creative journey. I am so grateful to everyone who helps make this podcast happen, especially YOU! Your support and comments continue to inspire me. Don’t miss this 100th episode!

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PS: Click here for a link to the joint compound I mentioned today.

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