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How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit – Bonnie Christine – Ep 103

October 11, 2023


Are you an artist who struggles with the business side of your art practice? Well, have I got an episode for you. Please welcome back my friend and multi-talented entrepreneur and artist, Bonnie Christine! She is a powerhouse of creativity, offering incredible resources like her eight-week course, The Immersion, which equips aspiring artists with the tools and knowledge to not only start but thrive in the world of surface design. But beyond all these impressive achievements, Bonnie is a genuine source of inspiration for me and hopefully for you as well. 

Today, we’re delving into the world of art and entrepreneurship. A topic we don’t often explore but believe is a crucial puzzle piece for any art practice. What if we stopped looking at the business side of our art as a chore, and started seeing it as an extension of our creativity and vision? Hit play and find out!

Listen if you are interested in…

  • Getting to know Bonnie Christine and the ins and outs of surface design [2:15]
  • Entrepreneurship and thinking of your work as a solution to a problem [8:01]
  • Marrying the worlds of business and art [18:30]
  • Risk, teamwork, and becoming qualified as you go [30:41]
  • Operating in your zone of genius to have the life and business you want [38:05]

Artistic and entrepreneurial synergy

The synergy between art and entrepreneurship is a revelation that has reshaped my perspective and my art practice. As I continue to navigate the world of entrepreneurship, I find surprising parallels between the creative process of artists and the innovative spirit of entrepreneurs. The intersection of creativity, passion, risk-taking, independence, innovation, resilience, self-expression, adaptability, vision, and impact is astounding. Entrepreneurship is an art form in itself! Creativity and the willingness to innovate are paramount to a successful business, and the synergy between art and entrepreneurship is a powerful tool. 

Business is not just about selling products, it’s about solving a problem and connecting with the world around us. Art is also a problem-solving endeavor, enriching lives and spaces with emotion and inspiration. If we want a successful art business, we need to embrace entrepreneurship, market our creations, and share our stories as unique solutions with the world. Ultimately, it’s about providing a piece of ourselves, connection to our journey, and the allure of a transformative experience for those who engage with our work.

Teamwork makes the dream work

One thing Bonnie mentioned that is so crucial to art and life is the need to step outside of our comfort zones. Growth and comfort cannot coexist simultaneously. To succeed, one must embrace the discomfort of risk-taking. Being an entrepreneur means willingly carrying the weight of uncertainty on your shoulders. It’s about taking on greater-than-normal risks as much as it’s about organizing and creating something. 

Much like in fine art, entrepreneurship requires us to take small steps into the unknown. And one of the biggest unknowns for so many solopreneur artists is knowing when to hire a team. Building a team is a crucial aspect of scalable success. You can only go so far by multiplying your personal effort. Believing in one’s eligibility and learning to delegate tasks to those more skilled in certain areas is critical to achieving the maximum potential for your art business.

Taking a heartfelt approach to your art business

Marrying the worlds of art and entrepreneurship has taught me that marketing isn’t a dirty word when it’s done with sincerity and heart. It’s about understanding that our creations aren’t just expressions of ourselves, but also how they’ll be perceived by others. This perspective is essential because it ensures that our art connects with people on a deeper level. When we communicate our story and passion authentically, we invite others into our world. And that’s where the magic happens! 

The key is to embrace heartfelt marketing, where success is measured by the impact on people’s lives rather than just financial metrics. It’s a mindset shift from fearing success to welcoming it, recognizing that we are the perfect people for the opportunities that come our way. So let’s commit to stepping out of our comfort zones, reaching out to those we admire, and sharing our authentic selves with the world. Because that’s where true success lies. Listen to this episode for more on turning your passion into profit!

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